Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Welcome, welcome!

To the blog that I start & restart every few years.
Will this one make it? I have no idea.

Honestly, I find blogging to be like masturbation. Does anyone really want to know what I did with my day? I'm fascinated if they do. That's not to say that I don't read blogs. I read a ton & I adore many. So, here is my yet another attempt.

What will make this one stand out? Probably nothing.

What I will do. I'll attempt to actually document the neat things that I sometimes do. I'm damn crafty when I want to be & I'm looking for a little motivation. Perhaps this will help. At least I'm willing to try.

What could make me different? I'm a cheap bastard. I will decorate & craft from Target, Michael's & every other everyday store. And, in my humble opinion, it's not half bad. While I'd love the fancy things, they're not in the budget & even if they were, I'm still a cheap bastard.

What I won't apologize for is me. At 33, I'm pretty comfortable with who I am. Yes, I need to lose 20 pounds. Yes, I need to eat better. Yes, I have my off days. Yes, I curse like a sailor. And, yes, I really need to quit smoking. But I'm the kind of person who will only get to it when I decide it's time.

Maybe I'll succeed this time. I'm going to try. If not: no harm, no foul. I'm not the best with completing things, here's hoping that this could help change it.


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