Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Shoes

As we're still in the getting to know you beginnings of this blog. Today's shoes will be a couple that I already own & love. 

Bamboo Glitter shoes. Soph calls them my Hollywood shoes. I found them for $7 & I'm pretty sure everyone needs a pair of glitter shoes.

My glow-in-the-dark zombie shoes from Iron Fist. They don't get a lot of wear, but they're ZOMBIE SHOES! 

Green Mary Janes from Seychelles. After watching the movie Penelope, I had to own a pair of green mary janes. Also, I own about 6 different pair of black mary janes. I needed to add some color. 

And my newest addition! Seychelles again. The Good Intentions T-Strap Wedge. They've only been worn once so far, but I see them getting so much play this summer. They're also amazingly comfortable which seems incredibly strange. 

Currently: wearing slip-on Converse. It is a rainy Sunday, after all. 

Happy day, everyone!

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