Thursday, March 29, 2012

just this

Today, I took myself on a mini-adventure. I got the opportunity to take a private tour of a vineyard that a very dear friend works at. Alas, there were no pictures to be taken. I have having too much fun hanging with my friend & getting a lesson in wine & beer making. It was a wonderful morning. And, wine & beer tastings at 10am is always a good thing in my opinion.

The rest of my day was spent running house errands & all the normal things. But, there was a new dress & shoes involved.

One day, I'm going to figure out how to do a "what I wore post". But, my husband travels so there is no one to take photos for me. I need a lesson on doing them myself.

Monday, March 26, 2012

I love it when I score.

I'm not feeling my best this evening, but I have to share my find from today. I had a few hours free while Soph was on a playdate & I decided to hit the closest Goodwill. 
I got a few clothes. One dress that I'm really excited about. 
And this. 

She needs a new coat of white & some new knobs (that I saw at another store yesterday). I thought she was going in this space in the craft room, but she doesn't quite fit. There is a second place that may be absolutely perfect for her. I can't wait to get her cleaned up. 
Price: $15. 
I HAD to get her!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hey, buuuuuddy. I bet Pauly Shore really misses the 90's.

Sunday Shoes

As we're still in the getting to know you beginnings of this blog. Today's shoes will be a couple that I already own & love. 

Bamboo Glitter shoes. Soph calls them my Hollywood shoes. I found them for $7 & I'm pretty sure everyone needs a pair of glitter shoes.

My glow-in-the-dark zombie shoes from Iron Fist. They don't get a lot of wear, but they're ZOMBIE SHOES! 

Green Mary Janes from Seychelles. After watching the movie Penelope, I had to own a pair of green mary janes. Also, I own about 6 different pair of black mary janes. I needed to add some color. 

And my newest addition! Seychelles again. The Good Intentions T-Strap Wedge. They've only been worn once so far, but I see them getting so much play this summer. They're also amazingly comfortable which seems incredibly strange. 

Currently: wearing slip-on Converse. It is a rainy Sunday, after all. 

Happy day, everyone!

Seeds started!

Saturday, March 24, 2012


This morning was full of craftiness, but the post on that will wait. 
This evening was all about roller derby & our home team, The Gate City Roller Girls. We love them & it's the only sport we get insanely excited about. Especially Soph. Watching my 9 year old cheer for badass women makes me happy. And it was a great game with Gate City beating Star City 245 to 92.

At halftime, there was a cupcake eating contest which Soph entered. She didn't win, but she got 3 cupcakes down in 2 minutes. And didn't throw up, which is what I was excited about. 

And on the way home, a double rainbow. It was an excellent Saturday.

Saturday Rain

We're having a rainy Saturday morning here. I'm not complaining. All the windows are open & the house feels wonderful. 

I have a little craft project that I want to try & tonight, Soph & I will be going to roller derby. 

What are good movies to craft to? 
Bonus points if I don't have to press pause whenever Soph is in the room. 

Have a wonderful day!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Out & about.

(Perhaps I'll remember to take photos while I'm out & about one day. Who knows.)

Today was lovely. Breakfast & shopping with my gorgeous mother. Errands in the afternoon, which included everything I need to start my seeds for the garden.
Once I picked Miss Soph up from school, we had a wonderful afternoon of reading & hammock sharing.

I discovered these while grocery shopping. Teeny graham pie crusts!

After dinner, they became mini chocolate pies.
Soph approved.

I do have to share though.

My current bff.

Friday errands. Time to get garden ready, new Bust & a fancy ring.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Late night doodles.

I could start a library of craft.

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Step 1 in motivation & inspiration..

Today, I tackled my craft room. The bottom left photo shows it's former disaster status. Also, I realized I may need a fan in the room. It was steamy!
I'm so happy with my new organization. Here's hoping it brings some inspiration.

Tomorrow, shopping with my beautiful mama. Then, a Friday night with my fabulous girl.

More to come.
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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Welcome, welcome!

To the blog that I start & restart every few years.
Will this one make it? I have no idea.

Honestly, I find blogging to be like masturbation. Does anyone really want to know what I did with my day? I'm fascinated if they do. That's not to say that I don't read blogs. I read a ton & I adore many. So, here is my yet another attempt.

What will make this one stand out? Probably nothing.

What I will do. I'll attempt to actually document the neat things that I sometimes do. I'm damn crafty when I want to be & I'm looking for a little motivation. Perhaps this will help. At least I'm willing to try.

What could make me different? I'm a cheap bastard. I will decorate & craft from Target, Michael's & every other everyday store. And, in my humble opinion, it's not half bad. While I'd love the fancy things, they're not in the budget & even if they were, I'm still a cheap bastard.

What I won't apologize for is me. At 33, I'm pretty comfortable with who I am. Yes, I need to lose 20 pounds. Yes, I need to eat better. Yes, I have my off days. Yes, I curse like a sailor. And, yes, I really need to quit smoking. But I'm the kind of person who will only get to it when I decide it's time.

Maybe I'll succeed this time. I'm going to try. If not: no harm, no foul. I'm not the best with completing things, here's hoping that this could help change it.